what we do

We offer an all around service for your projects.
The success of your business is important to us,
so our entire process is focused on helping
you meet your business goals.
Our creatives and our coders
are in-house,
we work together as a team for our clients.


We have backend, frontend, mobile app and 2D/3D game capability in our team, and we can access other specialties when needed. We are capable of full-stack development, client to server. Our playground is IOS, Android, Java, PHP, HTML, Unity, Unreal, Ardunio etc.

Web & Mobile App

We improve user interaction by creating beautiful, simple mobile and web experiences. Our applications are designed to make your brand communications as effective and amazing as possible.

Digital Campaign

We create results-driven campaigns using social, mobile, and web channels to reach the right person at the right time.Our platform allows business to manage all areas of their end-to-end mobile marketing solutions.


We bring digital and physical worlds together to create engaging user experiences. We design real-world installations using innovative digital technology.


We provide ourclients and partner agencies
with state-of-the-art technology solutions.
We offer a
full service, taking care of every
aspect of your project. The success of your idea
is important to us, so our entire process is
focused on helping you
meet your project goals.


Have an idea for a technology, a mobile app or a game ? Whatever your needs in the technology world are, we’re the ones you can trust! Drop us a line and we’ll be glad to get back to you with solutions and ideas.


Roket Works Teknolojİ Hİzmetlerİ Tİcaret Lİmİted ŞİRKETİ

Phone/Fax: +90 850 840 1020

Ahmediye Mh. Halk Cd. No:19/4
Üsküdar, İstanbul